gta01 pcf50606 MBC interrupts largely unimplemented

Andy Poling andy at
Tue Jan 26 21:07:09 CET 2010

I've recently been researching some charging problems with my gta01 and a
modified cable with the ID resistor.  It will only trickle charge on a dumb
charger despite the presence of the ID resistor.

Looking at the andy-tracking kernel in git, I see that the handling of
charger-related interrupts is un-implemented and marked with "/* TODO */":

 	in arch/arm/mach-gta01.c:

         /* TODO */
         static void gta01_pmu_event_callback(struct pcf50606 *pcf, int irq)
                 /*TODO : Handle ACD here */

I reported by findings on the community list, and I've begun implementing
handling of at least the ACDINS and ACDREM interrupts so that we can enable
and disable AUTOFST when a cable with an ID resistor is inserted and removed.
My first whack at it adds 8 lines of code and works in my testing.

Before I go any further with this, I wanted to find out:

a) if someone else is already working on this

b) how I should go about presenting my work when I think it's ready for merge


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