2.6.39 for the Freerunner

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at metafoo.de
Fri May 20 06:50:27 CEST 2011


I've just pushed the 2.6.39 branches for the gta02 to the openmoko git server.

So, whats new in this release?

1) Upstream merges

The bq27x00 and wm8753 branches have been merged upstream.
Additional above half of the patches from the gta02-machine branch have been
merged, adding button and touchscreen support as well as some minor cleanups.

Unfortunately merging patches upstream has come to a halt for now, since ARM
has stopped accepting patches which add new platform code.[1]
To get things in motion again, we would have to add device-tree support for the
s3c24xx platform and to our device drivers.

[1] http://lwn.net/Articles/437162/

2) Improved MMC performance

Per Forlin has posted a patch series to the linux mmc mailinglist[2], which
allows to have two MMC read or write requests pending at the same time.
Previously it was only possible to have one request pending at a time.
Having two requests pending at the same time allows us to improve upon the MMC
read/write performance on the Freerunner.

I've added these patches to the Glamo branch and adjusted the glamo driver to
make use of this new feature.

Some basic background on how it works:
The MMC card on the Freerunner is controlled by the Glamo chip, which has its
own RAM.
So when data is read from the MMC card, it is first written to the Glamo RAM
and then, when the request is done, copied by the CPU to the main RAM.
So while the CPU copies data from the Glamo, the Glamo MMC core is idle and
while the Glamo reads data from the MMC card the CPU is idle.

But if there are two requests active at the same time, one request can read
from the MMC card to the Glamo RAM and the other can copy from the Glamo RAM to
the main RAM. Thus improving the overall throughput.

Previously reading data from the MMC look like this:

[MMC->Glamo #1] [Glamo->RAM #1]   [MMC->Glamo #2] [Glamo->RAM #2] ...

With the new patchset it looks like this:

[MMC->Glamo #1] [MMC->Glamo #2] [MMC->Glamo #3]
                [Glamo->RAM #1] [Glamo->RAM #2] [Glamo->RAM #3]

I've done some very basic benchmarking, dd'ing data from and to the raw MMC
block device:

Raw-Read performance

       Old         New
 8MHz: 2.2 MB/s    3.5 MB/s   +59%
16Mhz: 3.1 MB/s    4.6 MB/s   +48%
25Mhz: 3.7 MB/s    4.5 MB/s   +21%

Raw-Write performance

        Old         New
 8MHz: 2.6 MB/s    3.4 MB/s   +30%
16Mhz: 3.8 MB/s    5.0 MB/s   +31%
25Mhz: 4.5 MB/s    6.1 MB/s   +35%

[2] https://lkml.org/lkml/2011/5/7/139

- Lars

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