GTA01Bv2 and GTA01Bv3 under 266MHz

Harald Welte laforge at
Thu Feb 15 03:27:25 CET 2007


I've finally been able to configure the PLL to 266MHz and run the system
stable enough to do a full boot through u-boot, kernel and

The speed improvement is noticable, but not mind-blowing either.

If you use the 20070215024138 (or later) builds of u-boot (Svn patchset
rev. 993), you can issue the command "s3c2410 set speed 266" to change
from the default 202 MHz into 266 MHz.

266MHz is not the default speed, because it only works as long sa there
is no FPC (and thus no debug board/jtag) attached.

In GTA01Bv4 u-boot, we can make 266MHz the default. 


- Harald Welte <laforge at>         
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