QT2410 changes to load u-boot through JTAG

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Jun 4 14:17:50 CEST 2007

Harald Welte wrote:
>> 2) include/configs/qt2410.h needs CONFIG_LL_INIT_NAND_ONLY
> why is that?

I haven't tracked it down to where it breaks, but it seems that
the lowlevel init doesn't want to be done twice. Maybe we can
change that. I'll have a look.

> I'll have to look at the code why this breaks booting from nor...

Hmm, thinking of it, CONFIG_LL_INIT_NAND_ONLY is probably okay.
But the problem should be (unverified) that start.S can't
distinguish NOR from NAND, so it'll try a NAND boot, since both
start from address 0.

I just looked around if there's a way to read back the OM bits or
where Steppingstone is mapped. It seems that OM[1:0] are stored
in DW0 of BWSCON, although this isn't clearly documented. My
QT2410 does indeed show the approproate change when I switch boot
locations. The 2442 manual suggests that things are the same there.

Good, so we have a solution ;-) I'll make a patch after I've had
my morning coffee.

> why not directly into the uboot-20061030-qt2410.patch ?

That was under the assumption that the change breaks NOR booting
on QT2410. But since it's broken for a different reason, yes,
that doesn't need its own patch.

- Werner

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