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Tiju tj_jac at
Fri Nov 2 14:07:17 CET 2007

Hi all

I am new to u-boot and I am trying to build an image for the neo1973. But the board type is not present in
the source file that I downloaded (u-boot-1.3.0-rc3.tar.gz). 
I have gone through the help files in But they discuss how to configure uboot for predefined boards.
1. Where would I get the board specific files for neo1973?
2. If I get the files, how would I integrate it with the u-boot source code?
I have got the patches from the openmoko project ( but from where will I get the source files.. or is it possible patch the uboot without them. If possible please suggest me how I could do that. 
Actually, my requirement is to build u-boot for the S3C2440A processor and boot the kernel from a nand
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
Tiju Jacob

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