dfu-util on Win32

Xavier Pianet xavier.pianet at lusis.fr
Tue Oct 30 12:10:19 CET 2007

Hi Jim, Harald,

A little update on that subject.

Jim Huang a écrit :
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> Xavier Pianet 提到:
>> Hi there,
>> There was a thread 2 months ago ( dfu-util on Win32 [was: dfu-util on
>> Mac OS X] ).
>> What is the status of the port ?
> hi Xavier,
> openmoko internal has a working Win32 dfu-util based on Cygwin.  But it
> doesn't work well for  another MinGW native porting.  I was working on
> that two months ago, but gave up for a while.
I first started to go this way using dfu_util version 3300 and after 
stumbeling on that post
i managed to get it to claim interface after calling 
usb_set_configuration, but after the usb_reset it crashes on me, and 
there one thing i dislike, it's to debug under cygwin. And i was not 
willing to modify libusb in a first run (as explained in the post)...
I'm not sure of my compile options because the configure step of 
dfu_utils blocks on PKG_CHECK_MODULES(USB, libusb >= 0.1.4,, so i 
commented out that part and added LIBS =  -lusb in the generated 
src/makefile by hand

After a little disapointment, i decided to go a radically different way 
.... Python with pyusb which is a wrapper over libusb.
I managed to recompile pyusb-0.4.1 under both cygwin with python2.5.1 
and stock windows python2.4 from Active state ( i think it compiles OOTB 
under linux).
I made a few patches to pyusb-0.4.1 to get Device.devnum and 
Interface.iInterface properties under python to ease the port of 
dfu-util code to python.
I will try to submit them for inclusion in the trunk of pyusb ASAP, but 
can publish them somewhere else in the mean time.

so right now i have 2 modules, dfu.py that is a python port of dfu.c, 
dfu.h and usb_dfu.h, and dfu_util.py which is a agregation of things i 
first needed from main.c
i still have work to port sam7dfu.c but it should be manageable...
Up to now, i can iterate_dfu_devices, claim the interface, get the 
status (dfu_get_status), dfu_detach, reset and see the neo going into 
DFU mode.
Once it works i will 'objectize' it a little so that it can be used in a 
more friendly way as a cmd line tool.
Once all is well it should be easy to make a small GUI on top of that, 
it could be neat, and hopefully cross platform too :-)

>> Is there a place where we can find a .inf file for use of the CDC_ACM
>> under windows.
> libusb-win32 ships a neat GUI tool to do that.
Thanks for the tip, it works and at least the usb device under uboot 
appears now under usbenum in windows using libusb version

Do someone know how to use the serial com with the inf file made by 

I would like to use the same python tool to speak to the device ala cu 
-l /dev/ttyACM0


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