Phasing out the openmoko-uboot mailing list

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Jan 5 22:04:25 CET 2008

Dear subscribers of "openmoko-uboot",

we're in the process of cleaning up our collection of mailing lists
a bit.

One problem child is "openmoko-uboot", which has an incredibly large
overlap with "openmoko-kernel", and often discussion jumps from one
list to the other, or goes to both right away.

Therefore, we've decided to merge "openmoko-uboot" into
"openmoko-kernel", which shall henceforth cover both areas.

The planned changes are as follows:

- after this announcement, subscribers of openmoko-uboot who are not
  already subscribed to openmoko-kernel should do so

- any postings regarding u-boot should be copied to
  openmoko-kernel at

- I'll send a reminder in the middle of the week

- after a transition period of one week, we'll shut down openmoko-uboot,
  i.e., no mails to the list will be accepted

- after that time, nobody should copy or post to
  openmoko-uboot at

- the mailing list archive remains accessible and stays at the same
  place as today, i.e.,

New subscriptions to openmoko-uboot are already turned off. There's no
need to unsubscribe.

- Werner

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