new APIs

Pawel Veselov pawel.veselov at
Tue Aug 26 18:06:40 CEST 2008


I was looking at the new libopkg APIs, and it seems to have no
callback functionality,
not any that I can see. However, functions in the source code do. So, should the
API doc be updated, or is it the code that defines some sort of old functions?

API doc: int opkg_install_package (opkg_t *opkg, char *package_name);
code: int opkg_install_package (opkg_t *opkg, const char *package_name,
                                opkg_progress_callback_t callback,
void *user_data);

The statement on the API page suggests that the current code
implements the API that
is not documented and not intended for general use. I'm not sure
whether this statement
is outdated, and whether the new API is implemented or not.


With best of best regards
Pawel S. Veselov

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