[patch] for adding list_upgradable function

Tick Chen tick at openmoko.com
Thu Dec 4 16:30:01 CET 2008

Hi List, 
  The following patch is adding a function that show all the installed
and upgradable files. 

> opkg-cl list_upgradable

  Right now the upgrade all function is trying to upgrade all the
upgradable installed packages geting from hash table. It does not take
care about the sequence a lot, and cause some upgrading order problem
and it is inefficient.  (This does not fix this issue, just helping me
prepare to deal with it.)
  There were two pieces of similiar code doing the same thing.
This patch try to refactory the code with that one in opkg.c . 
I hope it can replace that one in opkg_upgrade_cmd() and giving a better 
upgrade path. (Using the same code)
  It's the first step to move the upgrading pkg path code together, and
try to generate a more correct upgrade path.
  If there are no other issue in the patch I will commit it tomorrow.

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