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On Wed, 20 Feb 2008 16:11:55 +0000
Thomas Wood <thomas at> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've updated the Opkg wiki page to reflect the current state of
> development.

Quoting wiki:

The following ipkg patches have been applied:

    * "2-pkg-vec--Optimize-gross-inefficiency.patch" from OpenEmbedded
    * "1-pkg-parse--Optimize-inefficient-parsing.patch" from

As the author of those patches, I'd like to give some comments on them:

	This is for sure a must, it's fully correct algorithmically and
does save lots of CPU cycles.

	This one is more "special". I hope you've read description
within the patch. Summing up, it's pragmatic, heuristic optimization.
At least one bug was submitted whose behavior can be partially
attributed to this patch: . So, it *could* be
attributed to the patch, which disables, so to say, running unique on a
vector, hence the messages. But note that it happens due to disorder in
feeds, and possibly ipkg would have issues in that case w/o patch
still. As you see, I considered unapplying this patch, but as that
issue wasn't re-raised and new problems weren't reported, I dared to
leave it as is based on pragmatic reasoning that ipkg already has known
issue handling corner cases, and having another such case is
kind of acceptable regression comparing to speeding it up dozen of
times - on each invocation and for each user.

But I must mention these issue to you, as well as ideas how to handle
that correctly (in the sense of not changing behavior of original
1. Have 2 implementation of vector - with uniqueness check and w/o.
2. Analyze each use of vector class and use version w/o check where
input to it is clearly unique (like keys of a hastable).
3. And unique vector's impl should be made smart - i.e., use linear
search for no. of items < threshold, otherwise use hashtable.

Actually, my first try on that patched attached hastable
unconditionally to each vector, but hashtables are heavy, and there's a
vector created for each package, so it quickly ate all memory.

Finally, thanks for starting on decent embedded package manager. And I
hope that you considered different alternatives. For example, I last
time pondered idea to prototype something in Vala. I mention this
because I found ipkg code to be pretty dirty, and just clean up of it
would take effort.

> One issue that has been mentioned is code cleanup. There are several
> features and code that could be removed as part of this. One of the
> first (if there are no objections) would be to remove all code related
> to "familiar" distribution.
> If anyone has any patches to include, please mail them and I will add
> them to the list of applied patches once they are in SVN.
> Regards,
> Thomas
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