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Thomas Wood thomas at
Mon Mar 10 12:49:54 CET 2008

On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 10:33 +0000, Richard Purdie wrote:

> I'd like to propose:
> This updates the version comparison algorithm within opkg to match the
> latest in dpkg. This means that 0.0-foo is recognised as being > 0.0
> +foo. The original code looked to have been taken from dpkg so this
> shouldn't cause any problems. It also adds support for ~ in versions
> which is something OE will be aiming for in due course.
> This enables proper Debian style package revision handling instead of
> lumping it in with the version comparison. OE makes heavy use of the PR
> field and its important to enable this so the difference between
> versions like 0.0-4-r0 and 0.0-r1 are properly acted upon.
> That patch also rips out the familiar package revision junk. I'm not
> aware of any of opkg's potential users needing the -famX suffix to
> versions and its not compatible with the Debian version policy which OE
> and I assume opkg will adhere to?

Just a quick note to say I have applied these patches. Thanks!

It'll probably be worth while removing all the other familiar specific
code at some point as part of a clean up.



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