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Mon Mar 10 14:40:08 CET 2008

Dnia Monday 10 of March 2008, Marcin Juszkiewicz napisał:
> Dnia Monday 10 of March 2008, Thomas Wood napisał:
> > It'll probably be worth while removing all the other familiar
> > specific code at some point as part of a clean up.
> Few patches from OpenWRT can be also interesting:

I checked their history a bit:


"save memory in ipkg while parsing package lists - there's no need to load 
the whole files into ram before parsing them" - thats whole story about 

>iles_fix.patch has story on it


ipkg - free some memory by removing temporary control & data archives 
after processing

The control and data archives can be removed after processing and
gain some memory for another use of the ramdisk or for ipkg needs.

Signed-off-by: Lubos Stanek (lubek) <lubek at>

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