Conflicts aren't handled correctly

Richard Purdie richard at
Mon Sep 8 23:06:19 CEST 2008

I have a package mb-extrafoo which:

Provides: mb-foo
Conflicts: mb-foo

I then build an image which has a dependency on mb-foo somewhere as well
as mb-extrafoo. In the resulting rootfs I see that both mb-foo and
mb-extrafoo are installed which is wrong. states
that "When one binary package declares a conflict with another using a
Conflicts field, dpkg will refuse to allow them to be installed on the
system at the same time." 

In this case at the very least it should error out, preferably it should
realise that mb-extrafoo provides mb-foo so mb-extrafoo would just be
installed without mb-foo.

Any ideas on why this happens and is it possible to get that fixed?



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