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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi again.
| I'd also like to see such a page about the battery issues.
| I mean that stuff with flat battery, possible workarounds that work
| right now. And what will be/could be fixed in the future here.
| This includes some definite and easy explained information what the user
| should expect to work:
| - Does the GTA02 run with only USB but no battery? If so does this need
| uBoot patches? Does it only work with the wall power connector? etc.

Regardless, GTA02 needs a battery in right now to boot and run.

The GSM part will never work from just USB, it's wired to the battery
directly for the power amplifier.

It's possible it can one day stay up once booted without a battery.  We
did not really understand the mechanism that makes it choke there,
except it is something to do with charger operating in that state.
Nothing we found in PMU datasheet really seems to fit the behaviour.

Right now the simple answer is GTA02 must have a not-completely-empty
battery in to function at all.

- -Andy
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