GPS issue final state?

Michael Shiloh michael at
Sat Aug 2 05:15:37 CEST 2008

Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:
> Hi.
> Is it possible that one of the OpenMoko team members put up a wiki-page
> (probably protected from changes) or something similar,... and provide
> there the most recent, official and authoritative information about the
> GPS issue?
> "Everybody" knows about the two fixes (SW and HW) but a lot of different
> information is floating around what they actually do, which of them is
> definitely confirmed to work, whether it is suggested to apply both or
> only one of them or if only both together can give the best results.
> I've subscribed all the ML's and read all posts,.. but I think this is
> still not clear.
> I can also remember an eMail from (I think) Joerg where he suggested to
> not apply the HW fix yet, as it's not yet official.
> What's the current state on the HW fix? Did you already negotiate if:
> - users should apply it themselves
> - this is done by sellers (Pulster, OM Shop, etc.)?
> - etc
> ?
> What will happen to the warranties?
> Which is the recommended capacitator (I mean which manufacturer, the
> type and size is already listed in dozen places,..)?
> Would be really nice to have all this in a central and protected
> location, where only official OM team members can write to.
> Thanks,
> Chris.

I'm part of Openmoko and I'm not clear on the fix either.

I'm trying to come up with two side-by-side tests we can run, one with 
the SW fix, one without, that is easy to document and requires the same 
distro, then test w/ two different kernel images (one with, one without 
the SW fix).

Then we'll ask everyone to run this test and post their results, with 
and without an SD card installed. So 4 tests all together.

Then we might get a sense of whether the SW only fix is sufficient.

Any advice appreciated.


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