gta02, 2007.2: state of upgrades

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Sat Aug 2 22:33:11 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Why does our packaging fragment the module binaries into a zillion
|> individual packages anyway and allow this issue?  Why are the modules,
|> intimately tied to the monolithic kernel of the same version, not in the
|> same package to guarantee consistency?  We have the space and it will be
|> a rare customer who micromanages his package set to the extent of adding
|> and removing module packages.
| AFAIK we can't solve this by packaging (at the moment). The kernel and
| live in different partitions and thus can be updated independently.

Huh.  Well, the kernel package already has a foot in both partitions and
can write stuff to both.  So this is a trivial issue to move to a single
kernel package for sure.

| In general I like your idea but we have to look at what we have now. I
| we both agree that our current packaging is inherently broken. I would
| to wait with those changes until we can update the kernel and the
rootfs at
| the same time.

Liek so much else, that's just waiting on someone saying DO IT.  What
else is it waiting on precisely?

| PS: I never tried to SSH in a Mass Storage device.  ;-)

Really?  Well, I guess you never tried mounting what we had before as a
block device, echoing something into it as a tty, printing to it, as we
can now either.

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