gta02, 2007.2: state of upgrades

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Sat Aug 2 23:33:41 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Sunday, 3. August 2008 04:33:11 Andy Green wrote:
|> Liek so much else, that's just waiting on someone saying DO IT.  What
|> else is it waiting on precisely?
| Correct me if I'm wrong:
| Our booting process is a bit complicated - we have this dynamic table
of bad
| blocks, some uboot partitions, a kernel partition and root fs partition.

Linux can blow through all this, nand_write is the magic ingredient.
There is NOTHING stopping a single package for monolithic kernel and

| It would be nice to have _one_ image for (at least) the kernel and the
| Your config change affects a vital part of the debug tools of the system
| because it is easy to break. Simply flash a new kernel (without
knowing that
| the ethernet does not work anymore!) and big suprise ...

Yeah, but that is a packaging issue, not a config change issue.  The
kernel package could easily have gone out with a REQUIRES for the new
module packages pulling them in automatically.  I do not control that.

| In the long run it would be even handier to have only one partition
for all
| the interesting stuff which affect the boot (I don't know to what
extend that
| would be possible). Changing uboot options, getting a new uboot, changing
| images, etc would be much easier ...

In the very long run this will happen.  In the merely "long run" with
U-Boot it ain't gonna happen.

|> Really?  Well, I guess you never tried mounting what we had before as a
|> block device, echoing something into it as a tty, printing to it, as we
|> can now either.
| Well, that is not exactly the same thing ...

Just saying you are not considering the whole picture.

- -Andy
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