infinite pcf50633_irq messages , no X

Zack Mollusc zmollusc at
Mon Aug 4 01:40:57 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | I am happy to try anything, but i can't find a how-to for altering
> | loglevel or disabling tty0. I don't have a debug board, if that makes
> | any difference.
> Both of these can be done on the kernel commandline in U-Boot environment,
> loglevel=8  <== show all kinds of messages on console
> loglevel=4  <== only more critical
> console=tty0  <=== use the LCM as console
> | If the error messages were suppressed, would i see the x windows screen?
> | Is the graphical 'desktop' likely to be running, but the lcd display is
> | tasked away to show the output of tty0?
> It can happen, you can use
> chvt <n>
> to force the display to vt 1-4 IIRC.
> Or,
> ps -Af
> will give you a list of processes running, look for X in there.
> -Andy
Thank you very much, I will play with those when i can connect again (i
reflashed the root filesystem, which has the freerunner working as new
again, but now i have lost usb0 on the host laptop).

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