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Sebastien Nanchen snanchen at
Tue Aug 5 09:23:13 CEST 2008

I played with my Freerunner for some days now. I am part of the users who
have the "buzzing sound" problem. I modified the sound configuration as described
in the wiki and was able to eradicate the echo (caller-side) and to make the low-level
voice volume (called-side) acceptable. But the buzzing sound stays and make the FR
unusable as a phone (I tried both OM 2007.2 and the latest image of Qtopia).
I know this was much discussed in the ML, and I'm sorry to come with this topic again,
but I haven't found any answer yet. I would know if y missed some important information
about a tweak solving this issue?
If not, does somebody have an idea about how many users are experiencing the same
problem (10%, 30%, more?)
Is there any hope we can use our freed phone as a phone in a foreseeable future?
Thanks to anybody who can lessen my anguish !
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