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Tue Aug 5 12:56:48 CEST 2008

Am Di  5. August 2008 schrieb Jeffrey Ratcliffe:
> 2008/8/5 Joerg Reisenweber <joerg at>:
> > Only thing you may try for now is changing GSM-provider, as it seems to be
> > very clear the issue is to be found on some GSM-networks, and not (or 
> > on some others. Generally the 1800/1900 networks seem to be more likely to
> > cause this problem than the 850/900 networks. For Germany I got reports f
> > noise only for E+ network (and resellers)
> My experience on Blau (E+) is that I hear the caller excellently - but
> the caller complains that buzzing is very bad.
> > Hard to tell. We don't get sufficient number of reports, and due to nature 
> > reports nearly all are problem-reports, people without problems usually 
> > post a report.
> I suggest, therefore, a wiki page where users are encouraged to
> document the line quality at both ends (good or bad) against their
> provider.

Local has never been a related issue. It's always far end that "get's the 
buzz". Quite basic and important to understand. We have *two* distinct 
audio-transfers with opposite directions. Buzz is on 
FR->(mixer,GSM)->far_end only.
If you hear local buzz, your mixer/gsm-sidetone settings are somewhat 

I'd appreciate such a wikipage and the reports there very much.
Additional needed info: GSM-band (we don't know all providers!), signal-level 
In fact that's what I did in Germany, collect reports from users about noise. 
I even had them call my answering machine so I actually collected some real 
audio samples as *.wav. Result: in Germany it's virtually only E+ that's 
causing the noise.

Anyway still this makes no database for a guess on percentage of users that 
suffer from complaints of their callees about buzz-noise.

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