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Tue Aug 5 16:06:11 CEST 2008

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 07:49:51PM +0800, Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> Am Di  5. August 2008 schrieb Jeffrey Ratcliffe:
> > 2008/8/5 Andy Green <andy at>:
> > > Like Ole says when I started looking at it, by calling a landline in the
> > > same room and listening to its receiver lying on the desk, it varied
> > > tremendously and not in a repeatable way.  Eg, it appeared to vary by
> > > orientation of the phone, but when I traced the path backwards, the buzz
> > > did not return.
> > 
> > OK. Confirming this - the buzzing seems to come and go in waves of
> > varying frequency. Even without touching the phone, the buzzing just
> > comes and goes.
> I noticed the buzz come and go in discrete steps. I guess that's basestation 
> sending PCF commands to mobile, to level up/down the TX-power.
> BS decides on this depending on signal-quality of MS as BS sees it.
> It would be *very* helpful to confirm this, by using some RF-meter (e.g. 
> microwave leakage tester?), and/or reading the battery current, while 
> observing the noise come and go-

I can only observe: I did this test some weeks ago at my home. The FR
has signaficantly better signal when held out of the window. 

When holding out of the window during a call, it takes a short moment
then buzzing disappears quite suddenly. Going back into the room again
after a moment the buzzing returns suddenly.

So it comes and goes in discrete steps and it lags behind the change of

BTW: Not that I would know anything about these things. But would it be
possible to lower the TX-power of the FR to see how far down you can go
without loosing connection? 

I have active speakers in my room that catch GSM signals. I noticed
several times that the noise in the speakers when the phone is
registering is louder with the FR than with a Motorola V3x with the same
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