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leonardo leonardo at lilik.it
Tue Aug 5 17:37:08 CEST 2008

Ole Kliemann wrote:
> But a new problem has appeared. When resuming after long suspend I only
> get a white screen. It can sometimes be fixed by pressing something.
> Maybe something that forces full redraw?
> This problem was not when using the kernel that came with the Qtopia
> image form 20080724.

I have the same problem, plus one.
I've compiled /opt/Qtopia from source (20080804) and substituted the
whole directory as described in another thread, now sometimes the screen
blanks and yesterday after wake up I could not hear the speaker on the
other side, neither the ringtone when I was dialing. He could hear me,
on the other side.

Is there a butrack for Qtopia on freerunner?


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