arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Tue Aug 5 18:05:24 CEST 2008

>>> There are 3 versions for the gta02v5 - what is the
>>> difference?
>> apparently the creation date.
> Naw... they're the same creation date, the only difference seems to be
> the `1.3.1+gitr`[22|26|30] part of the filename.

well, in my browser the "last modified" column has thre different times:  
4:18, 13:24, 16:05.  uboot-gta02v5-latest.bin has 16:05.

> Side note - the reason I'm flashing is because after doing an opkg
> update/upgrade on the Qtopia distro, it will no longer boot. It gets to
> the point where it looks like it should be loading up the GUI (tiny
> blinking cursor in the top left, nothing else on the screen) and hangs
> there. Anyone else had this problem?
> Aaron
> p.s. doesn't look like flashing u-boot helped either :(

can you log in via usb?
if so, have a look at the log with logread.

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