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Thu Aug 7 15:02:24 CEST 2008

> One of the things to like about SD Card and other card / stick memory is
>> it hides many of the details of raw NAND from us, like bad blocks, error
>> correcting codes and in this case wear levelling.
>> I have run my mailserver on a 1G USB stick (hooked up to an ARM board I
>> designed for another customer) for 2 years 24 / 7 now formatted ext3,
>> that gets pretty hammered, no trouble.  So I can't guarantee your
>> particular card isn't broken for wear levelling, but cheap random USB
>> stick doesn't care in the least about ext3 and I didn't see any trouble
>> from SD with ext3 either.
> Trying out ext3 now. :-)

Having some trouble compiling the kernel. I followed the (new) instructions
posted on the Debian page in the wiki. However, when I hit ./build , mkimage
just displays the command syntax and quits. I am compiling on Ubuntu 8.04.
mkimage was not available and based on the recommendation, I installed

Even as I speak, I am reading the jigit package description and something
tells me this is not what I want.

So which mkimage should I install for the ./build script ?
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