/qtopia/ weird problems after yesterdays' opkg upgrade

Yaroslav Halchenko site-openmoko.org at onerussian.com
Fri Aug 8 00:42:05 CEST 2008

I was running qtopia as of their last release July 24, but yesterday
decided to opkg upgrade and everything seemed to be fine at first -- actually I
thought that unit became more responsitive (I did reboot the device). 

kernel was
Linux om-gta02 2.6.24 #1 PREEMPT Thu Aug 7 01:59:29 CEST 2008 armv4tl unknown

after alarm drained my battery and I managed to boot again, I started to
experience weird things, which I hope someone could explain somewhat:

0. I've lost ringer sound again (happened to me before with 2007.2)

1. klogd went very busy and dmesg got full of
evbug.c: Event. Dev: <NULL>, Type: 0, Code: 0, Value: 0
evbug.c: Event. Dev: <NULL>, Type: 2, Code: 0, Value: 54
evbug.c: Event. Dev: <NULL>, Type: 2, Code: 1, Value: 18

So -- what are those due to?

I rebooted, now

2. mediaplayer crashed few times with

Aug  7 22:12:19 om-gta02 user.warn kernel: Alignment trap: mediaplayer (1436) PC=0x42ef7d10 Instr=0xe592c008 Address=0x00000009 FSR 0x013 
Aug  7 22:12:20 om-gta02 user.notice Qtopia: QWSLock::lock: Invalid argument
Aug  7 22:12:20 om-gta02 user.notice Qtopia: QWSLock::unlock: Invalid argument

isn't alignment trap signals for memory management issues?

after a bit of waiting mediaplayer stopped crashing and started to play the
ringtone fine and then I started to hear ringtone again while receiving a phone
call just for once... on a next phone call -- same 'vibration only' (and
mediaserver being very busy) and media player doesn't play -- just sits waiting
-- cpu is not busy.

rebooted again (no busy klogd this time), didn't play tone, started media
player -- started to play it and then started to play it while accepting the
phone calls.

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