Terminal in default package?

Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Fri Aug 8 05:53:49 CEST 2008

Can we please put terminal in the default package list for ASU again?  When it first comes up, bluez is useless (no net support), I've yet to get the default wifi handler to get any wifi setup, and the only way to get on is via USB.  And now in the latest image... USB is acting up again.

I flashed the daily build (8/7) and it's just not liking me. :P

For some reason the WinXP box I have is blue-screening when  connect the neo.  When I connect to the Win2K box I have, it's showing the connection, but then saying "Network cable unplugged".  I have an ancient Slackware system running, but it's so old it doesn't have USB support really.  Any ideas whats going on?  (And yes, I've rebooted everything 6 times and wait for the freerunner to boot fully before plugging it in...)

If I had a terminal in the default package I could at least peck in and see whats going on...  As it is, I have no way in or out... 

Oh.. And how are you supposed to power down in 2008.8?  The power button seems to do nothing unless you hold it a long time (long hold shut off), and using shutdown (when I was able to terminal in) kills the X server, but "runs out of processes for this init level" and dies.  Not pretty.

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