Om2008.8 - Issues

sparky mat max at
Fri Aug 8 14:30:13 CEST 2008

 I found the following issues while trying out the Om2008.8 release.

1) Phone - It doesn't connect to my phone (GSM) network out-of-the-box.
Om2007.2 had no trouble finding and connecting to my GSM network.
2) Installer - Doesn't connect. USB networking is setup correctly. opkg and
wget work fine.
3) Messaging - The qwerty keypad has no backspace/delete key. Also, I can't
see any way to access the numeric/special keys. Am I missing something here?
4) Keypad - If I have 3+ applications open, the keypad obscures the 'remove'
line in the drop-down menu
5) Settings - Previously, I could change the icon style/size from Exposure
(from the daily builds). Has this been removed?
6) Battery level indicator - Is there one? I just see a lightning icon on
the status bar and its there even if the cable is not plugged in.

Will test more exhaustively and get back with a deeper feedback.
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