Alternate Keyboard(s) on 2008.8

Dirk Bergstrom openmoko at
Fri Aug 8 22:06:27 CEST 2008

Is is possible to install a different keyboard on 2008.8?  If not, I'd 
like to see that as a feature Real Soon Now.

I find the stock keyboard to be almost totally unusable due to the 
predictive text feature.  Even if the predictive stuff was removed, it 
would still be less usable for me than the matchbox qwerty keyboard, 
which had important keys like ctrl, dash, period and return all on the 
same page.

I will be using the phone with a stylus for most interaction, so I don't 
need a finger-friendly keyboard.  It might be nice to occasionally have 
one, but it's a *very* low priority for me.

I will primarily type in the terminal, the "notes" app, and the browser: 
unix commands, URLs, and notes like book titles, author names, part 
numbers and the like.  In other words, almost nothing I type will 
benefit from predictive input (in fact it would be a distinct annoyance).


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