Alternate Keyboard(s) on 2008.8 - I have the full terminal keyboard

Matt matt.joyce at
Sat Aug 9 00:18:24 CEST 2008

I don't really understand why, but sometimes I get the predictive text 
(limited keys) and sometimes I get the full keyboard (choice of three).

I used ASU 200080806, then opkg update..etc.

Ole Kliemann wrote:
> There is only one possible solution. There must be easy customizable
> keyboard files so that everybody is able to use the keyboard he likes.
> Besides there must be an option to switch between different keyboards.
> It's a simple idea: one tool for one job. 
> The predictive text with the right dictionary can be very powerful when
> writing SMS. You don't really need to aim for the letters, just hit
> somewhere close to them. 
> Still the Qtopia keyboard like it comes with Om2008.8 now is pretty
> flawed lacking punctation signs. You have to switch two layouts further
> to find a comma or period. Despite the fact that there is a lot of space
> left on the alphabet keyboard.
> And certainly for everything except SMS and maybe sometimes writing
> notes the layout alone is a disaster; not to mention the predictive
> text.
> As I understand, there has been a long discussion about why not using
> the illume keyboard. I have not completely followed that discussion and
> I do not claim to have an understanding for the problems of development
> that may be connected to this issue.
> But I'd like to stress at this point that I believe the customizability
> of input methods - i.e. the possibility of individually communicating
> with the device - is a kind of freedom that many people are seeking with
> the FR.
> Ole
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