Om 2008.08 Bug reports

Marek Lindner marek at
Sat Aug 9 05:55:32 CEST 2008


I'm very happy to see that you are testing our latest image so eagerly. All 
your feedback is _highly_ welcome. But we have to filter the bugs from the 
new ideas, known bugs from news bugs, etc. If you "just" keep sending mails 
like you do now we easily loose track of your input.

Please check our bug tracker at:

Many bugs you mention here are already known. Have a look in the bug tracker 
whether they are listed. Eventually a workaround is published there.

If you found a new bug just open a new ticket, describe your problem and how 
to reproduce it. Once the bug is showing up in the tracker our QA team will 
follow up.

Happy Hacking,

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