FreeRunner is completely dead

Fredrik Wendt fredrik at
Sun Aug 10 14:57:51 CEST 2008

Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | By now I've had it plugged into the wall charger that came with the
> | phone for more than one hour, but to no avail - it still won't boot. :(
> |
> |
> | Any tip, idea on what I should do or test?
> This is a known issue... basically Freerunner cannot boot successfully
> without the battery to help it along.  If the battery is dead, then it
> won't succeed to boot.

Luckily, my son has a Nokia 5300 which has a BL-5B battery in it. The
original Nokia battery is shorter than that for the Freerunner, but I
guess it'll work If I just hold it firmly with my hand, basically going
a long the second option:

"Boot the FreeRunner with an alternative battery, or with a spare GTA01
or GTA02 battery, plug USB power, then switch to the empty battery."

Didn't work at first try because the Nokia battery was also completely
discharged, but it worked now (an hour later).

Guess I'll order that extra battery now. :)

Thanks a lot.

/ Fredrik
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