FreeRunner is completely dead

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Sun Aug 10 18:19:04 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi andy-
|> |
|> | Is it possible that this issue happened with the neo1973 as well, by
|> | any chance?  I have a neo1973 that also refuses to power on no matter
|> | what I do with it .. maybe I should use the charged batter of my
|> | freerunner to see if it can be brought to life?
|> Was neo1973 ever happy starting up without battery installed?  If not it
|> could have the same issue.
| neo1973 means GTA01, and don't have power from usb designed, so this
| issue looks like power related but may have different case than FR.

Thanks for the lesson Tony :-)  I saw it does have some charging
arrangement about USB power input, I just assumed it had the same plan
as GTA02.  But there is no VB_SYS.

Jay what I would do (but you have to factor in I do blow things up
sometimes) is remove the battery, cut up a USB cable, stick the A end in
my laptop and hold the black wire to 0V pin of battery connector, red
one to +ve pin of battery connector and see what happened when I powered
on.  pcf50633 is good for 6V abs max and USB is 5V.  If you think it is
dead already then this can only do nothing; make it deader; or send some
sign of life.

- -Andy
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