bye bye 2008.8, you wont be missed :(

Quentin Hartman qhartman at
Sun Aug 10 18:39:28 CEST 2008

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 6:49 AM, Feydreva <feydreva at> wrote:
> hum having the keyboard optimized for text message is a must.....
> I mean.. it s a phone... and yougth peole do a lot a text messaging, chat...
> so having a keyboard with predictive typing you can type fast your text
> message, or your chat (gchat, Ychat, aol, icq etce tcetc).
> Personaly, I do not use any xterm, so the keyboard is perfect...
> if Iwant to enter commands to the phone.. I ssh it... much easier and
> faster.... After all it s supose to be a phone, and I inted to use it uing
> my finger, ad the icon/menu that are on the screen.

I agree that it should be optimized for that use case, but at the
expense of others. Another common use case, entering web addresses, is
effectively impossible using the current keyboard. Even if one were to
grant that the keyboard should be optimized for txt only, the apparent
lack of any sort of punctuation or correction keys if a fatal
shortcoming. Aesthetically this keyboard is an improvement, but in
terms of usability, I consider it major regression.


-Quentin Hartman-

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