Ruby 1.9 ported!!

Jim Morris ml at
Mon Aug 11 06:38:53 CEST 2008

Rorschach wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Aug 2008 17:29:17 +0530
> "sparky mat" <max at> wrote:
>> Can you try this:
> Nice that you ported Ruby, also if I would prefer a stable and at the moment still faster 1.8 than a dev 1.9 it's really great! Installs fine here:

I just managed to build ruby 1.8.6 with Mokomakefile with the latest patch level and fixed the 
socket problem in ruby, I installed gem and it worked, and irb seems to work fine.

I'll put the ipk up somewhere and submit the new bitbake recipe files to OE, not sure what the best 
way to release a new version of a tool like this is, as OE already has 1.8.5 (but broken). I'll have 
to wait until OE comes back up though its been down for a while.

However I noticed that they just released a new version of ruby 1.8.6, so I'll need to get that one 
and rebuild.

I don't see an easy way to include gem with this ipk as it is built on a host, but it is easy enough 
to install gem from source on the actual FR itself.

Next I'll see if I can get the dbus gem working, and then we will have an alternative to Python ;)

Jim Morris,

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