Ruby 1.9 ported!!

sparky mat max at
Mon Aug 11 06:42:59 CEST 2008

> However I noticed that they just released a new version of ruby 1.8.6, so
> I'll need to get that one
> and rebuild.

Yeah. I think they released 1.8.7 as well, right? But personally, I think
1.8.6  (the new one) and 1.9.0 should be the ones available. :-)

> I don't see an easy way to include gem with this ipk as it is built on a
> host, but it is easy enough
> to install gem from source on the actual FR itself.
> Next I'll see if I can get the dbus gem working, and then we will have an
> alternative to Python ;)

Exactly what I am aiming for too!! ;-)
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