Ruby 1.9 ported!!

Jim Morris ml at
Mon Aug 11 08:19:32 CEST 2008

Sjors Provoost wrote:
>> I just managed to build ruby 1.8.6 with Mokomakefile with the latest patch level and fixed the
>> socket problem in ruby, I installed gem and it worked, and irb seems to work fine.
>> I'll put the ipk up somewhere [...]
> Sounds great. Can't wait!
>> I don't see an easy way to include gem with this ipk as it is built on a host, but it is easy enough
>> to install gem from source on the actual FR itself.
> Can you write a quick cookbook recipe on the wiki?
> Sjors

Ok I wrote a blog entry on this, and put the ipk there for now.

ipk is here:

I'll update it to p287 when it stabilizes.

Jim Morris,

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