Todays 2008.08 Bug list [[ sorry -> offtopic now ]]

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Mon Aug 11 09:02:54 CEST 2008

>> Well. I don't use GMail at all and I receive duplicates as well. I
>> believe it's mailman's (or exim's) fault.
> You misunderstand, its GMail causing the duplicate messages, of course
> it filters them out so GMail users don't see them (sorry if my posting
> from a GMail account causes dupes)

GMail does not deliver my mail to me and yet I get duplicates.  I've  
run tons of mailing lists in my time, and I've seen this mailman issue  
many times over.  It happens when mailman attempts to deliver a  
message, gets part-way through the list of addresses to deliver to  
(subscribers), encounters a fatal exception - usually some sort of bad  
email address or server connection - and then retries to deliver.

Jay Vaughan

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