Using gmail with qtopia?

Jim Morris ml at
Tue Aug 12 00:01:14 CEST 2008

Joerg Lippmann wrote:
> Hi!
> Has anyone successfully managed to send or receive pop and smtp email via 
> gmail (googlemail) using qtopia (version from 2008-08-09)?
> I have set it up as POP, (German gmail-domain) and port 
> 995. There doesn't seem to be a working button for security settings. For 
> SMTP I used and port 465.
> In both cases (send or receive) the connection times out after a while. I have 
> checked both network and DNS settings. All seem ok.
> Any ideas?

It does not work as encryption is not enabled, there is a bug filed on the trolltech bug report page 
under qtopia.

Jim Morris,

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