qtopia dialer completely broken?

Russell Sears sears at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Aug 12 11:47:44 CEST 2008

I can't get the qtopia dialer to work.

I've tried freshly-flashed 2008.8 and the qtopia current stable images.

I'm using t-mobile in the US, and have no problems with 2008.2's dialer 
program.  It registers with the network, so I don't think this is the 
problem that other people have been reporting.

The qtopia dialer does one of the following things after I press "dial":

  - immediately exit.  Some red text box flashes for a second, I think.
  - sits on the 'show keypad' screen, and makes a bit of bus noise, but 
is otherwise silent.  I think this makes an outgoing call that I can't hear.
  - tells me I have an incoming call from the number I'm dialing
  - produce an empty text message from "129" (though this might have 
nothing to do with the dialer...)

I've noticed that I have to manually turn the volume up after each call 
I make with the 2008.2 image.  Other than that, calls under 2008.2 work 

qpe uses 100% cpu for ~ 4 hours after boot as it needs to scan the SD 
card for media files (I used strace to confirm that this is what it's up 
to...).  So, I pulled the SD card, and reproduced the problem with the 
current qtopia image.

Any ideas?


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