Differences between daily builds and Om2008.8

thomasg thomas at gstaedtner.net
Tue Aug 12 13:40:10 CEST 2008

It looks for me like 2008.8 was a hand-crafted image, not created by the
standard-set of .bbs, used for the daily qtopia-x11 builds.
So - except for the 2008.8 image - there is still no xglamo-package in the
daily builds nor on the buildhost at all.
USB-networking is (net)working (:-P) fine for me, it might not be in the
kernel anymore, but the module gets loaded automatically.

That's one of the issues I cannot confirm again (like so many dozens others
that my magic freerunner seems not to have :) ), the freerunner is a A5 from
one of the first shipments and I did not even update u-boot.

Back on 2008.8: no way to update it, you have to wait for the next regular
update (somebody said something about weekly updates).
On the other hand you can of course build something like it by yourself by
using the bitbake files from git.openmoko.org.
I would suggest to use only the missing .bbs from there, as
org.openembedded.dev seems to be far more actual and supported.

Btw. - if someone from openmoko could answer that: Why do you use your own
openembedded tree and do not try to put it upstream?
There are several people working in OM with full OE access who could do
that, or am I missing something?
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