qtopia dialer completely broken?

Russell Sears sears at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Aug 12 18:28:18 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | I've noticed that I have to manually turn the volume up after each call
> | I make with the 2008.2 image.  Other than that, calls under 2008.2 work
> | fine.
> I guess it pulls a canned ALSA state file out each time.  If you found
> which one, you could use alsactl store -f <filepath> to overwrite it
> with your preferred volume.

It has the little slider that shows up in the phone GUI.  I have to turn 
that up.  I assumed someone other than alsa state controlled it, but 
I'll give it a try.

On 2008.8 and qtopia, I mucked with alsamixer, but didn't have any luck. 
  It's almost as though the image mutes the phone speaker at boot, 
except it wasn't marked as muted, and toggling it made it click and pop. 
  If you haven't seen these qtopia dialer errors yet, I can diff the 
output of alsactl store with the one I get under 2008.2...

> | qpe uses 100% cpu for ~ 4 hours after boot as it needs to scan the SD
> | card for media files (I used strace to confirm that this is what it's up
> | to...).  So, I pulled the SD card, and reproduced the problem with the
> | current qtopia image.
> |
> | Any ideas?
> Wow.  What is it doing, grepping every file?  Surely it can just look at
> the file name?  That won't take 4 hours of 100% CPU...

I saw lots of llseek() calls.  Once I filtered them, I saw a bunch of 
stat()'s and some force writes to a sqlite log.  It shouldn't have to 
llseek() unless it's out of page cache.  If it's really out of page 
cache, I suspect that things will get very slow.

I have somewhere between 400 and 800 mb of openstreetmap data on the SD 
card. (As reported by "du -hs"; many of the files are < 4KB...)

Also, logread was complaining about 'sqlite logic error; missing 
database key' (or something like that), and talking about lots of things 
that sqlite did.

I can reflash the phone and produce a trace if it would help.  It didn't 
occur to me that I should save the logs or look at the size of the database.



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