Update on Bug #666

Felix Mahnke fspmc at web.de
Tue Aug 12 23:13:39 CEST 2008

Hi folks,

I assume this has been asked before and i excuse myself if so in advance.

But it surely will be asked again, because it does not seem to be written

Is it possible to get periodical updates for work on important bugs like

That bug makes it impossible for me to use the neo as a phone. All the
possibilities for me as an end-user are exhausted.
I got the newest SIM from my carrier (already cost me some money), and I'm
not willing to test several plans, until I accidentally find one, where a
SIM is provided the neo accepts.
Nor do I want to take a pre-paid SIM, because I need to keep my calling

That really sounds like moaning, but don't get me wrong. It's not meant to

I just want to point out, that for me (and perhaps some others) this is the
most annoying bug, because it demotes a really cool phone to a more or less
pretty toy.

Therefore I'm watching the bugtracker, the mailing-lists, wiki and even the
IRC logs every day, hoping for a clue that work on this bug still carries

2 weeks ago Anthony started an effort gathering AT logs, but no feedback
since then. Was the resonance too low? Where the results dissapointing? Was
there no time to evaluate the logs? Is all hope lost?

Any information but no information is appreciated.

regards, Felix
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