How to create offline maps?

Thomas Krahn thomas at
Thu Aug 14 05:30:44 CEST 2008

I was wondering if I had to use the laser button or the
white LED button of the stylo to "right-click" on the map...   :)

In deed I found out that a sudden hard tip on the map opened
the "right-click" menu and like magic it was possible to download the maps.

Apparently if force doesn't help, more force may help.
But don't break your touch screen!


Robin Paulson wrote:
>> Now
>> how I can do to put it into the Tangogps maps? And how?
> short answer:
> you will get better/faster results by downloading and caching the
> image tiles for your area, which tangogps can then use. there's a way
> to do this in tangogps (right-click on the map, select download) or
> using various other pieces of software, including a perl script in the
> osm svn repo:

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