problem with full duplex voicce Tx on freerunner

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Fri Aug 15 14:34:13 CEST 2008

Hi, my previous mail didn't reach the list (I hope this one works),  
but if you use SIP the first mail I wrote is of no importance [I  
thought you'd be GSM] ;-)

Assuming that you use WiFi you could suffer packet loss.
Make sure yours is the only WiFi-Network on that channel (try to have  
a maximum "channel distance" to other WiFis!) and that you keep your  
WiFi free of other traffic.
Maybe your codec causes too much traffic for a wireless (if the WiFi  
is completly free you still have only arround 70% of the bandwith!)

Another reason could be a to high cpu load, but I guess that you  
checked for that already?

If you upload the Moko binaries (and maybe an explanation on how to  
setup a connection) I could try to verify that this happens on my  
network (54Mbit WiFi, Freerunner + Ubtuntu Laptop) as well.
Can't compile myself as my harddisk has not enough free space for the  
build env...


Zitat von TARUN CHAPLOT <tarunchaplot at>:

> Hi,
> Wanted to add some more details to my previous post.  We are having a
> problem with running PJSIP on the neo freerunner, and have tried a
> variety of solutions to fix this but still not successful.   The setup
> that we are using is PJSIP on a Mac with OSX, and PJSIP compiled for
> openmoko.I compiled PJSIP for openmoko by setting the env using command
> source /usr/local/openmoko/arm/setup-env
> and ./configure --host=arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi.
> When we run PJSIP between the Mac and Openmoko, we are encountering two
> problems.
> The first is that only sound from the Mac goes to the Openmoko, when we
> speak into the Openmoko, there is no sound output from the Mac.   I   
> have tried
> already to fix this - such as incorporating the
> state (1)voip-handset.state  (2) voip-headset.state
> files in /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/ for full duplex.
> I have also tried with different settings in alsamixer as well.
> The second problem is that the sound quality is very bad. When we speak
> into the Mac, the sound coming from the Openmoko comes out in stutters
> (on and off every half second). It is also full of static.  When we try
> a VOIP call directly from mac to mac, it works and sounds fine.
> Further, I recorded a .wav file on Mac OS X and freerunner to auto   
> answer the sip call.
>  The recorded .wav file on Mac sounds good enough  while the file of  
>  freerunner   stutters a
> lot and sounds like its missing some packets in between at some interval.
> For reference I am providing the link to get that recorded wav file   
> of freerunner.
> So far nothing works well.
> Thanks in advance for any kind of help.
> Tarun
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> Subject: problem with full duplex voicce Tx on freerunner
>  Hello
> I am using neo freerunner and have problem with the sound . The   
> voice quality is very bad and its not full duplex.
> Please advise me on that so that I can make some  proper changes to   
> my phone to get better sound quality.
> What kind of tests I can do for checking that my mic and speakers   
> working properly.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks a lot.
> Tarun

Sebastian M.
Student of Computer Science at the University of Kaiserslautern.

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