python and FSO MS 2 questions

C R McClenaghan chris at
Fri Aug 15 21:29:15 CEST 2008

I thought I'd try some different things and learn python along the way.

I have FSO MS 2 installed with opkg feeds updated and including the  
angstrom repository feed.

I don't seem to be able to install python packages which appear in the  
angstrom repository, although I have installed other non-python  
packages from angtrom - e.g., libnotify, etc., for the the alpha 2  
version of gestures working. Perhaps there is something about opkg I  
don't understand. I added a base-feeds.conf  per the instructions here 

With respect to python, I'm assuming that I can install any python  
package/file I choose and it need not come through the opkg system,  
just drop the *.py file(s) where it can be found. Now that leads to  
what is probably simply a python question, but I'll ask it anyway,  
what is the proper way to set PYTHONPATH such that a new directory of  
python files will be found? I tried:


where the files were in my current directory and the import statements  
still failed.



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