python and FSO MS 2 questions

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Fri Aug 15 22:09:06 CEST 2008

Am Freitag 15 August 2008 21:29:15 schrieb C R McClenaghan:
> I thought I'd try some different things and learn python along the way.

Good choice!

> I have FSO MS 2 installed with opkg feeds updated and including the
> angstrom repository feed.


> I don't seem to be able to install python packages which appear in the
> angstrom repository, although I have installed other non-python
> packages from angtrom - e.g., libnotify, etc., for the the alpha 2
> version of gestures working. Perhaps there is something about opkg I
> don't understand. I added a base-feeds.conf  per the instructions here
> .

What is the exact error message?

> With respect to python, I'm assuming that I can install any python
> package/file I choose and it need not come through the opkg system,
> just drop the *.py file(s) where it can be found.


> Now that leads to 
> what is probably simply a python question, but I'll ask it anyway,
> what is the proper way to set PYTHONPATH such that a new directory of
> python files will be found? I tried:
> where the files were in my current directory and the import statements
> still failed.

Show us your tree and the error message. Usually python files in the same 
directory are found without changing the pythonpath, otherwise you need to 
usually issue

export PYTHONPATH=<path/to/new_package>, not <directory of new package>.

since most packages use

from package import module.


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