Official Debian port with FSO

sparky mat max at
Sat Aug 16 13:10:13 CEST 2008

I tried out the official debian port with FSO ( and it works quite nicely!!
However, i ran into some problems.

1) Can't make calls. It shows my operator and signal strength correctly.
However, when I dial a number and hit the big green tick button (which I am
assuming is the call button), nothing happens. Am I pressing the wrong
button? None of the others work anyway.

2) No USB networking. Is the module called g_ether? I couldn't find it. How
can I recompile the kernel? Is it the same as mentioned here -

3) Zhone. Zhone looks quite nice and simple and I do like it. However, I
would like a standard Xfce4 desktop (which I am gonna customize). Is this as
simple as installing gdm + xfce4, and making a launcher for Zhone?

4) Touchscreen calibration (Atleast that's what i think it is) - Every time
I resume from suspend, 4 boxes with 1-4 come up and (assuming its
touchscreen calibration) I press them in order to make it go away. How can I
turn this off? Is this a Zhone feature?
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