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Am Samstag, den 16.08.2008, 16:40 +0530 schrieb sparky mat:
> I tried out the official debian port with FSO
> ( and it works quite
> nicely!! However, i ran into some problems. 
> 1) Can't make calls. It shows my operator and signal strength
> correctly. However, when I dial a number and hit the big green tick
> button (which I am assuming is the call button), nothing happens. Am I
> pressing the wrong button? None of the others work anyway.

Not sure what’s wrong there. Once you get ssh to work, you should run
frameworkd and zhone from the command line to check the error messages.

> 2) No USB networking. Is the module called g_ether? I couldn't find
> it. How can I recompile the kernel? Is it the same as mentioned here -
> ? 

Now that’s strange, it works for me and I have not heard from others
having problems. Is your /etc/network/interfaces file ok?

> 3) Zhone. Zhone looks quite nice and simple and I do like it. However,
> I would like a standard Xfce4 desktop (which I am gonna customize). Is
> this as simple as installing gdm + xfce4, and making a launcher for 
> Zhone?

Should be, but if you install gdm, make sure you remove zhone-session
(well, it should conflict anyways)

> 4) Touchscreen calibration (Atleast that's what i think it is) - Every
> time I resume from suspend, 4 boxes with 1-4 come up and (assuming its
> touchscreen calibration) I press them in order to make it go away. How
> can I turn this off? Is this a Zhone feature?

This is just the key lock featuer. Press them in order to unlock the


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