Official Debian port with FSO

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Sun Aug 17 00:38:47 CEST 2008

Adding 161 to fixed it. 

Adding print("%s" % nstring) output the incoming number which was my own home number as I was testing. It was in the format of 12223334444.

I don't see the error upon opening the phonebook.

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> AssertionError: unknown type 161

The FSO stack does not yet know and support all possible number types.
The 185 was recently added by me after a similar error...

Please do the following:
 * Check if that error also happens when you open the phonebook
 * Add the 161 to the list of numbers in
 * Find out what number was causing this (e.g. by adding "print"
statements around the above line outputting the number) and tell us
about it.


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