Debian GTA02 How to get python logs, messages etc?

clare johnstone claregj at
Sun Aug 17 01:36:20 CEST 2008

My FreeRunner seems to have a dropout problem. It shows "Vodafone AU"
and a blue bar a lot of the time, then the bar may empty, then it may
say instead "no service" then it recovers.
As the Debian seems to give other people eror messages and logs, I
need to be pointed to what should be the command line for zhone to see
such messages during or after a call.
It does look as though the dropping out affects what is happening,
including whether sound works during a call, but as things are erratic
I need to be able to get some sort of reports. I am not familiar with
use of python, please spell out what I should do.
Also are there any other reports or logs available via Debian itself
for this problem?

thank you,

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